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7 Tips for Selling Phone Case On Amazon ( Product Guide)

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if you’re looking to sell online, Amazon would be one of the best choices without a doubt, and if you do not have much merchandise knowledge experience at clothing, toys, or other fast-moving consumer goods, the phone case or phone accessories would be one of the best choices,

Why phone case be a good choice for Amazon sellings?

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More and more people choose phone cases to sell on Amazon even there are already lots of listing about phone cases, but why phone cases still be a good choice?

Product attribute

The most phone case is made with plastic material, phone cases with no electronic, magnetic attribute are classified as plastic products, which means these kinds of products usually do not need forced certificates and are not complicated for the selling process


The unit phone case is around 20g to 50g, and it is a very lightweight product which you can save shipping fee and Amazon storage costs if you are using Amazon FBA warehouse service,

A large number of users

In total, the number of people that own a smartphone is 7.101 Billion until 2021, and people spend five to six hours on their phones daily. Most people only have one smartphone, but we can have various phone cases in different conditions or another function.

Multiple models

There are multiple phone model, for example, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, each phone brand have a different upgrade version every year, if you always follow the market with the newest, you can find the chance to earn the market, some customer who focuses on iPhone model will begin resource iPhone 13 phone cases in August which will be released in September, because some people may want to buy a phone case in advance to protect their iPhone 13 even they do not get the phone yet,

A lot of styles

The phone case becomes an aesthetic, Individualized product. Even though there are already many brands like Casetify, Otterbox, and Case-mate, there are also thousands of styles for choosing the suitable style that can attract customers.

Phone case product is a good choice, but there are also seven tips you should know before you sell a phone case on Amazon,

Choice the good quality phone case

This is always the first rule to selling products on Amazon, a good quality products can help you reduce the return refund rate, which will help you make a great product listing on Amazon, but how to identify the phone case is good quality or bad quality?

Ask your supplier to send you actual products photos in detail or video. The pictures on the website may be over-beautification. Check the review or comments on the products page if there have any. the negative feedback is not allowed to choose as an Amazon product. if the wholesale price is below 0.6USD after a quote, it may not be a good choice, because the cost of material and human resources increased, this price is not able to produce good quality phone cases no matter from the material or the design.

Check the patent before buying

Amazon is stringent on product patents, and you can not use the patents without authorization. This is the basic rule which you should know before buying a product and selling on Amazon, it is better to ask the supplier if the phone case has a patent number and if you are able to sell on Amazon, but not every phone case or product will have a patent so that you also need to identify the safe phone case for sell, 

The phone case is regular clear, handmade epoxy, printed with your design, PU leather handcrafted, plain colored is usually safe for selling on Amazon, and the most important is you can not use other’s brand name in your listing or use other’s photo which have the LOGO watermark. You need to review more styles, designs, and types at Amazon before you decide to sell the phone case.

Branded with your own LOGO

There are lots of benefits to customizing a LOGO on the products, especially selling on Amazon, there are multi ways to do a custom phone case, a nice or simple LOGO can keep the customer remembering and make a re-order.

Sell the popular phone model

Every year, the company will release a new phone model which means new chances, you can find out the hot sell or the new arrival phone model by google trends or the Amazon keywords tools, compare the users and keyword popularity and rising trend, find the model you want to start with, from our experience, it is better to start with one phone model in one listing, because the customer may misunderstand your listing if you put the various model.

Find a supplier who provides labeling service

It is better to work with a supplier who has experience or successfully processed FBA order shipments, it is also important that the supplier can print and label the right label for each color and quantity, because Amazon does not help to make customs clearance, so you need to ask the supplier to provide a DDP service ( Delivered Duty Paid ), and finally ask supplier proof some photos of your order when the order is ready for shipping, so you can review the status of your order without make shipment to you.

phone case label
phone case label

Choice phone case packaging

A nice-looking packaging can make your phone case more valuable, and a LOGO customized or LOGO labeled phone case packaging can brighten your brand, you can choose a packaging box for your phone cases if you have more budget and want to make the brand grow.

paper craft hanging phone case packaging (4)

Phone case bundle gift

Selling a phone case also have benefits that you can sell as a bundle set with one tempered glass screen protector, or one cell phone stand, or one phone case lanyard, you can describe the accessories is for free that can increase the order, the small accessories can be put together with the phone case but only increase a little weight or volume, does not increase much extra cost on shipping or storage.

phone case bundle

Except for the product itself, there are also lots of Amazon seller rulers you need to follow basically, there are more and more people who want to be an Amazon seller that leading to fierce competition, but there also have profits space for you if you choose the right products in the right time.

Lily Wang

Lily Wang

Hi, iam Lily, works at phone case and phone accessories field in China over 6 years now, iam interested in latest technical items.

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