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How To Choose The Right Packaging for Your Phone Case

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universal custom label phone case packaging (1)

Table of Contents

Because there are too many kinds of packaging shapes and designs available in the market, most of the customers are wondering how to choose the right packaging for a phone case, make sure the packaging size is fit for the phone case, which also has different models and sizes.

Which Type of Packaging You Need for Your Phone Case?

First, we need to think about which type of packaging you need for your phone case, this is the first step to choose a suitable packaging from the cost, designs, and functions, because there are so many different packaging types like a cardboard box, blister packaging, hanging packaging, drawer box, crystal box …, if can not make a decision for the type of packaging you start with, you may choose a wrong packaging or size for your phone case business,

Online business

if you own an online business, the lightweight, slim foldable cardboard mailer box packaging may be a good choice for shipping delivery, the main function is to protect and customizable, there also have extra space for other phone accessories like Airtags, phone charms, screen protectors, and cards … it comes with glue sticker seal which you no need extra tape to pack them, also designed with easy to open seal which offers a good customer experience, if you own a large online business, this packaging box offer 3 different sizes which fit from 4.7inch to the 6inch phone devices no matter iPhone model and Android model.

packaging box phone case
packaging box phone case size
packaging box phone case seal

A Shop Buiness

for display phone case at the shop, a clear view packaging and hangable packaging is the first 2 reasons to choose from, the quality packaging can light up your phone case in your shop window, choose the packaging design or type to match your shop style,

box hangable packaging phone case
whole clear plastic view phone case packaging (5)

How To Choose Right Packaging Size for Phone Case?

After choosing the type, we need to choose the suitable packaging size for the phone case, not only to avoid too small may not fit, also need to avoid too large a size which phone case may shake in the packaging,

Size of Packaging

if you choose a packaging without a blister holder inside, you need to know exactly the size of your phone case that you currently selling, the correct measurement method is to measure the furthest distance of the phone case including the corners, not the screen size or the size of phone devices,

phone case packaging size
phone case packaging size check

Size of Inside Holder

if you have various models and styles for your phone case business, it is better to choose the packaging with blister holder, the advantage to choosing the blister holder inside is you no need to order a different size packaging for your phone case now, even the outer packaging is large, the inside blister can hold the phone case not moving, what we only to do is choose the right size of blister holder for your phone case.

blister packaging for phone case

How To Custom LOGO On The Phone Case Packaging?

There is a minimum order quantity for custom the LOGO or the design on the phone case packaging, the method for custom other packaging is also working on the phone case packaging, different way to custom have different effect and MOQ, from MOQ 500pcs ~ 10,000pcs both have for choice,

phone case packaging logo custom

Also, provide labelling service instead of custom LOGO, this is the way that some customer to choose, the packaging is also a part of phone case which to protect or to show the features, it is easy to choose a suitable packaging for your phone case is you already had an idea for your phone case business.

phone case packaging labelling
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