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What Kind of Case Supports MagSafe Charger?

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Magsafe Clear Case

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If you do have a MagSafe charger, you may worry about if the iphone 12 phone case you interested works on your MagSafe case. if the answer is some phone case may not works that makes you more cautious when you choice a phone case, So the first thing we need to check out what is MagSafe technology.

How does MagSafe Phone Case works?

Magsafe give a fast charge time which almost double than the regular QI charger, because QI chargers has limited of 7.5w, but Magsafe charger throughput to 15w, but to ensure you can have the speed, you need use the Magsafe case which have a strong magnet on the back.

Magsafe Case

What happen if use regular phone case charging on MagSafe?

You can use a regular phone case to charge on MagSafe, but if the phone case too bulk, it is may influence the charging time which slower than the MagSafe case, and because phone case do not a magnetic inside, so you can not lift up as the Magsafe Case.

Magsafe Phone Case

So if you want have a better experience for using the MagSafe chargers, it is better use a MagSafe case, but if you think you not care about charger time and not to use your phone very often when charging, regular phone case is also enough.

Lily Wang

Lily Wang

Hi, iam Lily, works at phone case and phone accessories field in China over 6 years now, iam interested in latest technical items.

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