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What is different between PP phone case and PC phone case?

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Pp Phone Case

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Most of phone case manufacturer will tell you about the phone case material is PP, PC, TPU or PU, but what is different about PP and PC is the most questions that customers asked.

What is PC material?

PC is common plastic material, full name is polycarbonate, the advantages of PC material is hard and clear, size & shape is stability and chemical corrosion resist, with high strength, heat resist and cold resist. it is the most common material, a large-scale industrial production and easy processing characteristics also make its price is lower than other material, most of phone case are use PC material which is strong and hard.

Pc 2

What is PP material?

PP material is Polypropylene, heat resistance is better than cheap PC material, and it is more flexible than PC, it has better performance on produce a very thin phone case because it is heat resistance and deformation at 150 ℃. but PP is not very common in the market because it is easy scratches than the plastic and it is translucent material. but PP is also anti yellow which can use longer time than the TPU ( Thermoplastic polyurethane ).


So when you need buy a shockproof phone case, durable design phone case, you need choice the material of plastic which is more common, if you want a slim ultra thin and not too hard phone case, the best choice is PP phone case.

Lily Wang

Lily Wang

Hi, iam Lily, works at phone case and phone accessories field in China over 6 years now, iam interested in latest technical items.

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