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Ultimate Guide to Begin Phone Charm Business in 2022

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Table of Contents

You have seen the Y2K phone charms and accessories on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and are also aware that some famous brands like Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and Casetify also extended the phone charm accessories, google trends almost increased double than 2020, they are all shows that phone charm business is a better choice in 2022.

After 2020-2021 the COVID-19 lockdowns live, people are now willing to go outside, the tiny cute sweet things make people have a good mood when outdoors, the colorful clay beads, smiling face crystal just like other luxury accessories makes people stand out and appear individual in the crowds.

phone charm string 2022

Is phone charm a good choice for business?

To have a phone charm business you can have the below benefits:

  • Phone charm string has very lightweight and size, easy for worldwide shipping with lower cost, saving the shipping fee and offer free shipping service,
  • Do not have different complicated phone models, size information makes you have a clearly SKUs information,
  • It is a very personalized product, you no need to compare with the other competitors, because you can have your own features,
  • People do not usually buy 1 but are willing to buy a few mores as a replacement, which also means you can sell more but at lower shipping rates,

There are more benefits if you are already a social media influencer, because you already have followers who choose to trust your aesthetic, and these things do not have quality issues that will bring your negative feedback.

How to choose a phone charm supplier?

After considering the benefits that having a phone charm business, now it is about choosing a suitable phone charm manufacturer as your supplier,

  • Variety of styles

A factory or supplier can give you more options, meaning you can find out the best phone charm design to fit your business definition, the more you review, the more inspiration you can get, this is good for your business.

  • Less MOQ

You no need to buy lots of beads and string tools to customize your own, you can buy the existing designs, and choose the designs with low MOQ and reduce your inventory is good for start, less inventory can help you list more designs to your customers.

  • Offer OEM service

If you have your own LOGO, and want to customize the LOGO on the beads, a factory who can offer OEM service is also very important, it can help you enhance your brand visual, and make your business grow.

  • Comprehensive SKU system

Because there are thousands of beads that can be assembled, a supplier who has a stable supply chain and comprehensive SKU system can help you solve the product’s resources problem, you do not need to worry that products are no longer available after you begin to have orders.

  • Packing and labelling service

Personality packing and label is also an important part of online business, a factory who can offer the packing, labeling service can help you save a lot of time searching for packing or label because they already have a solution for the products.

  • Free photo service ( additional choice ) for beginners

for a quick start, you want to sell the products faster, a supplier who can offer you photos for online websites or social media is helpful currently. It is also friendly to beginners who do not have much time to take new photos, only need to focus on the websites or advertise the products.

phone charm factory manufacturer

How to sell phone charm as a business?

The internet grows so fast, everything is like the wind. Some trending products just appeared for a few days or weeks, but it is already known by most internet users, not the same with other step-by-step guides, we would like to suggest action fast to have your first selling,

  • Identify your customer

Yes,  no matter which kind of business, located or identify your customer is the first thing to do, you need to image your customer portrait about their ages, interest, disgusted, fears, after research, you will find out which kind of design you should sell to them, and even your LOGO is all about your customer that easy to remember, 

There are lots of website influencers upload the phone charm beads DIY video at youtube, you can find the style people like most and give you inspirations to looking for more good, from TikTok, Instagram social media apps, you can review the style that most people likes nearly, they all give you reference to thinking about your customer groups.

  • Identify your style

After targeting your customers, you need to identify your style, it is very hard part because you want to do all business from all customers, but you have to make a trade-off because focusing on the part can help you study deep inside and tap the consumption potential, your style is your sign that your target customer would not forget if you style is too common, hard to remember by the market, identify your style is the main point to help you choose the phone charm to selling.

  • Choice the selling platform

There are lots of selling platforms to choose from, selling at Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, or TikTok, you can choose them as a combination or focus on one of them, in 2021, the best way is may about Shopify online shop + social media,

Shopify can fast to have a website, social media can help you spread and expose phone charm to know by others,

No matter which platform you decided to go, choose the one that you are similar with, because different platforms have different rules to start with, it can be faster if you already have experience with them,

  • Marketing your products

It takes time if you waiting for your customer to visit your phone charm shop or social media, the faster way to get your products known by people than others is advertising,

if you use Shopify shop, you can advertise your phone charm at google ADs, if you use other social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, they also support make advertising for your products, from your original funding preparation, should have a part for the advertising,

Also can work with the website influencer from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, let them tag your phone charm, cooperate with them take photos or videos with your products, let your products have a faster know by others,

  • Dropshipping VS stock

if you do not want to make stock, you can choose to do dropshipping from the supplier who offer the service, or you can just use Aliexpress service to have the dropshipping service,

Dropshipping is growing up recently because you only need to choose a suitable supplier, dropshipping helps you save the inventory, packing, shipping works, then you can focus on the marketing of the product,

But the better to have stock is you can control the stock, quality inspection, and shipping is under your control, can cover the after-sales service, if you want to have stable and long term phone charm business, making your own stock is also necessary.

Phone Charm Business FAQ

How to start a phone charm business?

  1. Identify your customer and your style ( important! )
  2. Find a supplier
  3. Choice the selling platform
  4. Set up marketing plan

How to custom LOGO name on the phone charm?

You can choose the letter beads as your logo name from the 26 English letters, which the minimum order quantity is only 100pieces, also support custom LOGO shape for the beads, minimum order quantity depends on the beads you need to custom,

How many days to make a phone charm business order?

Because of handmade DIY charm, production time is usually 7-9 working days, but it depends on quantity you order and busy season may have delays,

How much does a phone charm cost for wholesale price?

Unit price around 0.9USD dollars to 1.3USD dollars depend on the length, beads, order quantity, it very profits products for retail selling purpose,

Phone charm may become a new trending product in 2022, because most fashion companies and people use it in public areas, after a long time indoor life because of COVID-19, the phone charm brings some fresh and bright colors to our outdoor life!

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