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The Top 11 Trending Phone Cases and Accessories for 2022

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the top 11 trending phone cases and accessories for 2022

Table of Contents

If you are looking for an idea about the trending phone case and accessories for the coming 2022, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will show you the top 11 phone cases and accessories that may become popular and the reasons why we choose them.

Ultra thin phone case with buttons

I have to say this phone case is better than the peel case, because it has more sensitive key color buttons, which provide a more comfortable press experience, also the buttons can be replaced with different colors, more ever it designed with the full lens covered, to against daily scratches when you put down your phone on the desk or drop on the floor.

PU leather hand strap phone case

Many customers were inquiring about a phone case that can stand vertical and horizontal both, this one it is. More than a stand phone case, the back PU leather strap with magnetic inside also works with a car mount, also the wide strap can be also used as a wrist strap,  which you can hold and carry easily for outdoor life.

Square edge phone case

Inspired by the new iPhone 12 and 13 series square edge design, some phone cases also designed with a square edge on the old iPhone series, this phone case is not only designed with the square edge but also has full lens covered, the raised screen edges protect better protection, the out surface touch more silky than the liquid silicone.

Camera sliding and ring stand phone case

Some customers hate the big camera on the new iPhone even it’s powerful, so a phone case designed with a sliding door to protect the camera becomes popular in 2021, and this phone case has a colored stand ring that offers a handgrip, the fresh colors, camera protection, and standing function will make this phone case become hot sale in 2022 for sure.

camera sliding and ring stand phone case

Bracelet crossbody phone case

The bracelet phone cases become popular around October 2021, people like the shiny bling bracelet, This is a 100% new design and a trending bracelet phone case, and it is designed with two hook circles, you can attach a bracelet or the crossbody cord, it is not only a simple phone case, and it became a part of fashion itself, the best choice for the coming spring outdoor.

bracelet crossbody phone case

3 in 1 phone case

After a long time Indoor life because of COVID-19, what we need for now is color, this new fresh color phone case has 3 parts, TPU rubber shell, plastic bumper border frame, and a detachable camera ring, it provides full protection for the phone devices, and also new colors what we need for now!

Clear phone case with color border

This is an upgrade but a classic phone case. The transparent back design can show the colors of the original phone, and the new colored border provides strong protection for the phone screen edges, no matter for men or women, this basic phone case will be the safest choice.

clear phone case with color border

Camera ring stand phone case

It is better if a phone case has a stand function, but most of the stand design is too large or bulky, this new phone case design the stand around the camera when you need to stand your phone, you only need to push the stand out,  after fold the stand, the metallic ring looks like a camera ring other than a stand, very fashionable design!

camera ring stand phone case

Phone charm string

Phone charm is not a new product. It already exists since we have the smartphone, but this unique phone charm string is not the same as before phone straps. It is handmade DIY beaded pendant decoration, the colorful beads, smiley face, clay fruits, letters line together, to have a brand new visual effect, best all season’s choice in 2022.

Universal card patch phone case lanyard

Since the crossbody phone case was released in the market for a while, people found out it is very convenient for using outdoors, but it is limited because the crossbody rope can be only used on the phone case attached, so this universal card nylon patch phone case lanyard is launched! It can be used on different phone cases with a holding card patch and colorful lanyard rope, it is detachable and you can remove it from the phone case totally when you do not need to use it.

Aluminum laptop phone holder

More and more people are choosing the home office work, laptop and mobile phone are the essential tools, and this phone holder can hold your phone to your laptop, so you can have dual monitor display, you would not miss any important message or calls when you working on laptop, one of the best choices for home office!

We need something new and colorful to light up our lives. That is what 2022 is going to be, and unique products can attract new customers. Phone cases and phone accessories are not only functional products but also personality aesthetic products, we can not wait to see more trending products in the coming new 2022 years!

Lily Wang

Lily Wang

Hi, iam Lily, works at phone case and phone accessories field in China over 6 years now, iam interested in latest technical items.

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