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The Newest iPhone 13 Cases You Can Buy Right Now!

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Apple is ready to launch the iPhone 13 series on September 14, the release date will be September 24, but there are already many phone cases for the iPhone 13 series now in the market, the phone case is always released to the market earlier than the phone devices, that also means Apple phones are still very popular even it’s 13 series now.

Specs of iPhone 13 Series:

iPhone 13 ModelSizeColor
iPhone 13 mini5.4inchBlack, Blue, Purple, Pink, White
iPhone 136.1inchBlack, Blue, Purple, Pink, White
iPhone 13 Pro6.1inchBlack, Blue, Purple, Pink, White
iPhone 13 Pro Max6.7inchBlack, Blue, Purple, Pink, White

Different with iPhone 12 Series:

iPhone 13 is designed with a different camera size, which the phone case on iPhone 12 can not be used on iPhone 13 series, even they do have the same screen size.

Based on the new iPhone 13 Specs and colors, we have selected the top 5 phone cases after we compared and tested, whether you need a simple classic or protection phone case, these are the newest and best iPhone 13 phone cases we highly recommend.

Clear Phone Case for iPhone 13

The clear phone case is always the best and first choice if you do not have an idea for your first purchase yet, 

There are usually 3 kinds of material and 2 designs, you can review the below list for more details

MaterialHardnessCamera DesignAnti yellow
TPUSoft and flexibleBig camera / lens coveredNo
PlasticHardBig camera / lens coveredYes
TPU+PC ( acrylic )Back hard, edge softBig cameraYes

TPU is really common in the market which has different thickness and quality, the plastic is easy to scratches which are not very welcome now, TPU with acrylic back can have some different view and design which you can make more profits on this product.

Card Pocket Phone Case for iPhone 13

Phone case designed with card pocket at back is popular in 2021,  because people are now back to outside after the covid-19, a phone case with card slots is more convenient for outdoors,

The outside is silicone rubberized which is soft and anti-fingerprint, inside with microfiber is not scratching the phone, back is designed with a card pocket that can fit for 2 cards maximum, over 10 colors for choice.

Shockproof Phone Case for iPhone 13

The 3 pieces layer phone case provides full protection on the phone against scrapes, bumps, daily wear, and tear, this full-body case is made of a hard plastic frame, TPU bumper, and acrylic back, give the phone more protection but not so bulky,

for those people who care about safety, also want a good looking, this one is definitely a good choice.

Leather Back Cover for iPhone 13

The PU leather material is selling good always, and always be a choice for most customers, because the PU leather feels elegant and business style, this PU leather phone case has a full leather covered design including the edges, the back designed with a hole that can show up the Apple LOGO, the basic material is TPU which is flexible which can be installed very easily.

if you main customer for men mostly, this leather back shell phone case is a good choice as well.

Stap and Stand Phone Case for iPhone 13

A functional phone case becomes a hot sale and popular recently, this phone case was designed with a leather strap at back, which can be used as a stand, can stand vertical and horizontal at the desk, offer 10 colors for choice,

It is also supporting to custom your own small LOGO at back, no matter for girls or men, this phone case you can not miss.

No matter clear simple design, or shockproof rugged design, there are always multi choices, each phone case have its own value, what we do is choose the profits, fewer after-sales, support less MOQ, in stocks for your phone case business,

Tips: Do not need to be worry if the phone case is correct for the iPhone 13, we have been in the phone case industry for 9 years since from iPhone 5, there are zero mistakes on the phone case mold for the new iPhone.

Lily Wang

Lily Wang

Hi, iam Lily, works at phone case and phone accessories field in China over 6 years now, iam interested in latest technical items.

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