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7 Best Phone Case with Camera Cover in 2022

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clear shock phone cases with camera cover (2)

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7 Best Phone Case with Camera Cover in 2022

Since the beginning of the iPhone 11, more and more smartphones have been designed with large cameras that stand out, are easy to scratch, and are fragile. Even though we have a good photo experience and great clarity of photos, we still worry about the vast camera subjected to scratches daily. Of course, the worst part of all was the enormous camera breakage, which was a complete disaster for the phone.

So here are the top 7 phone cases that cover the camera. They are all designed with a sliding door around the back camera lens, and you can push the shutter away when you need to use it and close the shutter when you no longer need it. When you close the shutter, it can also protect your privacy that the Apps working in the background can not use your camera also, even they can open but nothing in the camera.

Some camera cover phone cases have a simple and slim design with an essential protective function, and some are more protective and shockproof have a stand or card slots holder design. It depends on what kind of camera cover phone cases you want to choose.

Basic Sliding Camera Phone Case

This camera cover phone case is the first design on the market, and it is a soft TPU with rubberized finish, designed with a plastic camera shutter door, has eight colors for choice, available for all iPhone models. The upgraded material is durable, wear-resistant, delicate, and anti-fingerprint, providing smooth touch slip texture and easy grip.

Slide Camera Matte Translucent Phone Case

This translucent matte phone case with a slide camera cover is made with TPU and plastic material, with a stylish design and advanced technology processing. This camera cover case has a camera sliding door, slides easily to protect the phone from scratches. It can effectively avoid impact and dust from entering, and the back is matte finish which is anti-fingerprinting, soft TPU border edge is easy to install and remove the phone from the phone cases.

Camera Cover Phone Case with Ring Stand

Some people prefer clear phone cases, and this is the one to choose, it is made of soft TPU material, the back bracelet ring circle stand, and camera shutter is plastic material, they have the same color which makes the phone case even more attractive, it also protects the camera very well because of full lens cover designs even you do not close the camera shutter, total 10 fresh colors available.

Silicone Phone Case with Cards Slots and Camera Cover

This new camera cover phone case is made of soft silicone material, surface layer smooth, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant. The card slot can hold the cards and some cash securely. You can go without your wallet, which can fit 1-2 cards. The camera shutter is made of plastic, to protect the camera from scratching. Designed with a soft fabric inside for extra protection of the phone, this phone case is definitely a good choice if you want a colored silicone phone case with cards and a camera cover!

Shockproof Clear Camera Cover Phone Case

if you do not care about privacy much and only want the camera sliding function, this clear phone case with four airbags is for your choice, it has a unique design, slightly lock on each side, not slide randomly. The frame is made of flexible TPU, which avoids your phone falling from high place. The back side of the case is made of hard PC that provides scratch protection. It has 5 colors for choice.

Combo Hard Camera Cover Phone Case

This combo hybrid phone case is made of two layers. The back is rubberized hard plastic material that is anti fingerprinting, anti-scratches, non-yellowing. The bumper frame is made of soft TPU material, enhancing the grip and protecting the phone from drop-off. It is the most protective and elegant combo phone case with a camera cover shutter door that can quickly close and open, if you need a hard combo phone case but not bulky, choose this one for sure!

Ring Stand Rugged Camera Cover Phone Case

This is an upgrade military phone case made of hard plastic and TPU material. You can easily slide the camera cover to protect your camera and privacy, the built-in finger ring stand with a vertical and horizontal angle, brings a convenient viewing experience. Also, the inside metal patch can efficiently adsorb your phone on the magnetic car holder ( meanwhile, it is not working on wireless charging because of the metal patch).

To protect the vast and expensive camera or against the potential risk of privacy breaches due to the camera, a phone case that protects the camera and privacy is also necessary. You can also choose a front-facing privacy camera cover for all-around protection. That is why more and more people are looking for the phone cases that covers camera last year, and I believe it will become popular in 2022.

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Lily Wang

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