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7 Best Custom Promotional Phone Accessories Gift Ideas

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custom folding cell phone stand and grip (3)

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If you want to increase your brand awareness, attract more customers, or encourage repeat customers to create long-lasting relationships. In that case, you are in the right place here today! the phone accessories with your LOGO or design would be one of the best choices nowadays because everybody at least has one phone or more. They spend many hours per day on the phone, here are our picks for the 7  best small and useful phone accessories to give as gifts to your customers.

Cell Phone Stand and Grip Holder

A smartphone is not only used for calls or messages, but also use it for watching videos, this smart foldable phone stand can stick back on the phone devices or the phone case, hold the phone on the desk, the back circle space is for custom design or LOGO.

Phone Finger Ring Stand Holder

This simple design phone stand is designed with a finger loop, it is foldable if you do not need to use it as a stand, very tiny and small products not bulky, the ring design helps to hold the phone with a single finger, greatly reduces the risk of accidentally dropping down.

Webcam Privacy Cover

more and more people care and want to keep their privacy safe, because we already know that some App may open our camera and run in the background, but if we cover our camera on phone, laptop, notebook, computers when we do not use it, that will be safe now! this very small privacy plastic cover is very useful, your customer will stick it on the laptop lens, they probably see it every day, and it is very small you no need to order too many and price as low as 0.2usd.

Adhesive Silicone Phone Wallet and Stand

This silicone promotional cell phone wallet sticks to the back of the cell phone with adhesive stickers, the pocket can be used for credit cards, cash, ID’s or hotel card keys, also design with a magic stand, it is a cost-effective and classic giveaway product!

Finger Ring Holder Magnetic Stand

This is a finger ring grip stand made with PU material, and the stand can use as vertical and horizontal. The inside magnetic works with car magnetic. It is a little costly than other accessories, but still a good choice for the bank, commercial gifts.

Nylon Patch Phone Case Lanyard

The crossbody lanyard phone cases become popular, a universal nylon patch comes out in 2021, it can be used on most phone cases and offer various colors for choice, the patch can be printed or custom your own logo and design, if you want to have a special gift for your customer, this one would be a good choice.

Phone Case with Design or LOGO

The last product is a phone case, because a phone case may be the best choice if you want your customer keep longer, have different material and way to custom phone case, this bright neon colors TPU phone case support to custom logo and design in colorful, also have a various model for choice.

It is always hard to choose your customer, because you have to consider the budget, cost, quantity, market effect before you make a decision, a phone accessory to give to your customer is definitely a good start,  but no matter.

Lily Wang

Lily Wang

Hi, iam Lily, works at phone case and phone accessories field in China over 6 years now, iam interested in latest technical items.

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